Owen Mazon, LCSW

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Individual Therapy

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Are you dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, anger or sadness? Are you having problems with your partner, family, friends or colleagues? What are you are seeking relief from? What are you seeking insight around? Even if it is not straightforward, we will figure it out.

How it works

I will develop a dialogue with you that will eventually lead to a cohesive understanding of the roots of your problems, why it is coming up now, and why it is manifesting itself in the way it is. We will work together to diminish your pain and improve your life.

We will reach a better understanding that takes into account your childhood, your relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and more. We will also, when possible, look at patterns in the interactions between you and me in the room that can shed light on the problems you are hoping to understand and resolve outside of the room. We will look at dreams as well as your interactions with important people in your current life, to further inform our understanding.



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Why Group therapy

Have you ever wished that your therapist could see you in action in your everyday life so that he or she could see you more clearly and, therefore, be more helpful to you? Of course, this is not possible. However, group therapy is the next best thing. Group is particularly helpful when combined with individual psychotherapy.


Group therapy provides a safe environment where you can develop relationships in the confidential space of the therapist’s office. You’ll have the opportunity to share with other likeminded group members and heal through community. In contrast to feelings of loneliness and isolation that come with many challenging life transitions, you’ll have a chance to connect and mutually process. You’ll also have a chance to see some of what you’re going through played out in the room with others, which will give you an opportunity to better understand your experience, receive feedback, and offer feedback and insight to others.


Couples Therapy

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Why Couples therapy

Are you struggling within your relationship? Are you fighting constantly? Are you having trouble communicating effectively?

How it works

I work with couples by initially gaining an understanding of what made them come in for therapy, helping them articulate goals for each other, and working on achieving those goals.

I also like to help couples talk about their individual histories. I find it helps each partner empathize and understand better what might be at the root of the problem.

In addition, I ask each person to talk about how they met, what brought them together, what made them fall in love and to include a story about a time when they were getting along better so we’re not just focusing on conflict but also on the love that brought them together.

And finally, I look for a way to understand the patterns of their relationship and help free them from destructive patterns by using their love to motivate them.