Owen Mazon, LCSW

20+ years of experience as a psychotherapist offering services on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

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Owen is a trained psychoanalyst. Psychoanalytic therapy has decades of proven benefit. It relates your patterns in every day life to their historical roots in order to resolve and remove the barriers that get in the way of happier living.

Owen offers three types of services: Individual therapy, group therapy and couples therapy. Read about the benefits of incorporating group therapy into your treatment here.

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benefits of group therapy

1. Enhanced communication skills.

2. Increased emotional understanding of yourself.

3. Improved mood.

4. Decreased anxiety.

5. Increased ability to see how others perceive you.

6. An opportunity to experience yourself in different relationships with different kinds of people in a safe environment.

7. Enhanced capacity for intimacy.

8. Increased capacity to be in the moment.